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The HI-TONE Story:

HI-TONE Amps were created in honor of the late Dave Reeves and his circuitry and "Mil-Spec" wiring techniques, used by some of Rock 'n' Roll's seminal Musicians from the late 1960's to 1981. True to his philosophy, only the best available components go into a HI-TONE.

HI-TONE Amplification is the only amplifier company endorsed and approved by the Dave Reeves family.

HI-TONE Amps are available in accordance with Dave Reeves' classic 50, 100 and 200 watt circuitry. In our humble opinions, the HI-TONE HT50, HT100 and HT200 are the highest quality, best built and most accurate modern versions of Dave Reeves' circuitry available.

The HI-TONE HT30/15 platform provides switchable power output of 30/15 watts and features a variety of preamp configurations.

HI-TONE Speaker Cabinets also pay homage to the classic British cabinets, following tradition where possible, but adopting modern attributes when clearly an improvement.

In addition to the classic 4 x 12" Speaker Cabinet, HI-TONE Cabs are available in 2 x 12" and 1 x 12" configurations.

HI-TONE Cabinets are loaded with HI-TONE DR-F Speakers standard. The DR-F's were designed in cooperation with Eminence Speakers to emulate the vintage Fane speaker that won the VHC Speaker Shoot-out 4 years in a row.

Merely developing a great sound isn't enough. Before any DR-F is shipped, it is subjected to a rigorous, proprietary, "exercising" process that breaks-in and warms up the speaker so it is "Ready to Rock out of the Box"!

Best of all, HI-TONE amplifiers and DR-F Speakers are Made in the U.S.A.!

HI-TONE DR-F Speakers are only available loaded inside HI-TONE Cabinets.

HI-TONE Cabinets may also be custom ordered with any standard Eminence 12" speaker, in any combination.

What our Customers are saying:

"Gotta say, across the boards the reports of guitar tone were Raves! First time I've played thru one single amp on big stages, Kudos to HI-TONE for proof in the pudding!"
(David , MA - HT50 DR, HT30/15 JP and HT4121)

"It is as beautiful physically as it is sonically. I couldn't be happier."
(Keith, MN - HT2121)

"The DR-F Speakers are incredible! Sell your old cabs now and replace them with Hi-Tone units before the secret gets out."
(Tony, IN - HT4121)

"I love it. Sounds great. Looks fantastic. Wish I had more time to play it tonight, but that's how it goes sometimes."
(John, VA - HT30 JP & HT2121)

"The HI-TONE DR-F's loaded in my HT 4x12 cab are the bees knees. My DR103 loves to push them as hard as it can. They stand up to it no matter what. Tight low end punch. Precise crystalline highs. Everything in the middle is just as superb. If the 103 isn't plugged in, my 77 Superlead loves a turn or two with the DR-F's. If I could load my 2 Marshall cabs with DR-F's I would in a heart beat. FWIW, my 70's Traynor YBA-4 Bassmaster is at its best when cranked thru the DR-F's. Pretty much sounds like a JTM 45 run thru a Fane loaded 70's HIWATT cab. SPECTACULAR!"
(Cody, NE - HT4121)

"This amp kills~~! But I think you knew that."
(Ken, TN - HT30 'JP' + HT2121)

"...this amp is truly exceptional, and I had tried every thing except Hiwatts. It seems to solve all the problems that Fenders and Marshalls have and take the best characteristics of each."
(Hudson, SC - HT30 'JP', HT50 "JP" & HT2121)

"So, after all sorts of gigs; small clubs to big outdoor shows, I'd like to tell you this amp is PERFECT!!! Thank you SO much."
(Will, TN - HT30 'JP' + HT2121)

We Ship Worldwide!  Please contact us for shipping outside the USA.


                                                 HI-TONE Amplification LLC is in no way affiliated with post 1981 Hiwatt Amplification.

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